If you want to rent an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, the work shall be carried out as follows:
• A customer who wants to rent an apartment or rent a house, makes an application describing the requirements for a real estate property and available budget (please, fill in the APPLICATION FORM FOR RENT);
• A real estate agent searches for real estate properties and offers them to a customer;
• A real estate agent accompanies a customer to view real estate properties selected;
• If a customer opts for a particular real estate property, a real estate agent verifies ownership documents, draws up a deposit contract or a basic rental agreement.

The cost of real estate services is 50% of a month rental charge paid by a party who ordered the service.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Kyiv, you should follow simple useful tips in rentals:

• Look only for an apartment suitable for you.
• Pay attention who you agree on rent of real estate: a property owner or a real estate agent.
• Do not chase cheapness. Remember that “cheapest is the dearest”.
• Always inspect an apartment you are going to rent before conclusion of the contract.
• Check all documents related to the apartment.
• Conclusion of a rental contract is mandatory.


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Compliance with legal exactness. Each real estate company has its own professional lawyer whose main task is to defend the interests of customers. RECS Company provides its clients with legal advice, legal analysis of documents for houses for sale and full legal support of real estate transactions.

Yours sincerely,
RECS Company